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For Weekly Techniques (formerly known as “Technique Tuesday” or “Technique-A-Week”) a new rubber stamping/paper crafting technique video will be posted to the Technique Page weekly (4 per month plus 2 product highlights) showing you step-by-step how to recreate it on your projects.  There will also be a card sample illustrating the use of the technique.  Additionally, there will be two product highlights per month showing you how to use specific Stampin’ Up! products!  These Techniques will appear on your page EXACTLY every 7 days  beginning with the day you sign up.  (Please note:  If you sign up on a Friday, your techniques will appear every 7 days on a Friday at the same time you originally signed up.  If you sign up on Tuesday, they will appear every Tuesday.)  The card samples are exclusive to Technique-A-Week so you’ll have SIX new card samples each month!

A downloadable PDF instruction page will be available for you to print  your new technique description with an area to attach your sample to it.  This will reinforce what you’ve learned so you can easily reference both the directions and the sample for easy recall!

The cost for this class is $7.95 monthly.  We will continue to post Techniques every 7 days for as long as you would like!  There is no obligation to continue – you can cancel anytime by sending us an email at MAIL@STAMPACADEMY.COM.

Your Techniques will appear every 7 days beginning with the day you sign up.

As long as you are a participant, you will continue to have access to your cumulative techniques!