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We know how busy you are because we’re a lot like you!  We’re moms and business women, daughters, sisters and volunteers!  We have  a shared love of rubber stamping, scrapbooking and all things paper crafting and decades of experience in all of them!

Stamp Academy was created as an Oasis for you to go to when you finally manage to carve out a little time for yourself! Our classes are designed to be fun, interesting, and stress-free!  That’s why we give you Videos AND PDFs!

You can watch them over and over.  You can pause and rewind.  You can email us with questions.  We have anticipated your needs because we share them!  You’re going to LOVE the freedom Stamp Academy provides!  We don’t bother you with emails. Your projects automatically appear on your Class Page.

Our Designers are constantly creating new and interesting projects for you using all the latest and greatest supplies!  We’re honored that you would choose to spend your free time with us!

We have lots of options for you to choose from so Click on CLASSES to Get Started today!

If you ever have any questions about any of the classes, drop us an email at MAIL@StampAcademy.com!  We’re here to help!